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What do we want to achieve with Get-Entry?

Get-Entry is designed to permit easy contact tracing compliant with data protection rules. We assure the accuracy of the guest particulars by SMS and identity document validation and at the same time reduce the guest’s and organizer’s or host’s workload. All the work is done by a web application – no need at all to install your own app.

How does Get-Entry work?

Get-Entry works in two easy steps to register a guest:

  1. The guest creates his EntryID with his personal particulars. We use an SMS to validate the accuracy of these particulars. Once the EntryID has been created, it can be used repeatedly anywhere in Switzerland. The data needed to create the EntryID are not stored centrally anywhere.
  2. When accessing the event or premises, the organizer or host scans the EntryID and confirms the data a second time by checking an identity document. This ensures the accuracy of the guest information. The registered guest data are deleted automatically after 14 days.

What data are needed to create an EntryID?

The following data are needed to create an EntryID:

  • Last name and first name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Zip code
  • Street and house number
Except for the date of birth, this information is also saved on entering an event or premises. That is how we permit simple and efficient contact tracing. The date of birth is only used to check the identity document when entering the event. This rule does not apply if the date of birth has to be saved by an official ordinance (this function must be activated by the organizer).

What happens if there is a COVID-19 infection?

If a COVID-19 infection occurs, the organizer or host can display a list of guests who had registered on the date in question. This information can then be forwarded to the appropriate services.

How can I delete my EntryID again?

As the data needed to create the EntryID are not saved centrally anywhere, you can simply delete your EntryID (i.e. the image of the QR code or the email) and the EntryID ceases to exist. You can create a new Entry ID at any time.

As soon as you enter an event or premises and have been registered, your particulars are saved for 14 days and then automatically deleted.

How much does Get-Entry cost to use?

The guest is not charged for Get-Entry use.
The organizer or host incurs costs based on the number of entries per month. There are no fixed or minimum costs.

Entries per month Cost per entry
from 0 to 2'500 CHF 0.30 per entry
from 2'501 to 5'000 CHF 0.20 per entry
more than 5'000 By individual agreement

How do I have to prepare myself as an organizer for the usage of Get-Entry?

  • inform your guests by newsletter and social media. Inform the guests about the prior creation of its Entry-ID.
  • link our Get-Entry-website on your event-website and inform the guests about the prior creation of its Entry-ID.
  • download the poster with all necessary informations and inform the guests in your entrance area about the usage and the creation of the Entry-ID with the printed poster.
Get-Entry poster print A4

How can I terminate Get-Entry use?

The guest is not charged for Get-Entry use and has no other obligations. The organizer or host can give monthly notice to terminate his use. As there are no fixed or minimum charges, no further costs are incurred once Get-Entry use has ended.